About Me

I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, working under Dr. Amy Ogan. I graduated with my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Colorado Boulder, advised by Dr. Sidney D'Mello. My work sits at the intersection of education, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence. I create socio-technical interventions for more equitable and inclusive educational spaces.



Research Interests

Educational Technology for Justice and Equity

I study how educational technology design can support the agency of learners and teachers.

2015 - 2017

University of Notre Dame

Computer Science PhD Student

Cognition and Social Dynamics in Learning Spaces

I use mixed-methods, interdisciplinary approaches to understand social, affective, and cognitive dynamics in educational contexts. 

Artificial Intelligence in Education

I create AI in educational systems that leverage multimodal behavioral signals.

2015 - 2011

Auburn University

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Summa Cum Laude

2017 - 2020

University of Colorado at Boulder

PhD in Computer Science

Current Projects

Multimodal Models of Collaborative Problem Solving

I build fully-automated machine learning models of collaborative problem solving from multimodal signals, including language, facial expressions, and acoustics. I also use human-centered design approaches to create interventions to support teammates building collaborative problem solving skill. I combine the models and interventions into a closed-loop  system that supports effective collaboration.

Social Programmable Robots to Support Middle School Girls becoming Techno-social Change Agents

I use design-based research to study how to create a social, programmable robot that supports reflections on power and identity.

Teacher Professional Development through Noticing and Reflection

I study how goal setting in a teacher professional development tool can be used to support agency.