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Lab Values

These values are inspired by the Design Justice principles, Hammer, To, & Cruz's Lab Counterculture paper, and the CoALA Lab principles.

We prioritize well-being over productivity. We embrace rest as a proactive measure for our wellness.

We are collaborative. We offer mutual support, and generously share our ideas, time, and resources with each other. We give each other truthful, constructive feedback.

We are curious. We embrace hard problems, and attend to justice and equity at every step of our work.

We conduct the highest quality research. Good research comes from sound research processes. This means that we check our data deeply, and truthfully represent the complexity of our findings.

We prioritize the impacts of our research on the communities with whom we work. We engage in processes that hold us accountable for the effects of our work. 

We respect everyone's unique, intersectional identities. This lab is a space for those who have been marginalized in research and by research. We specifically embrace the knowledge of Black, Indigenous, queer, and woman scholars.

I expect all lab members to behave in a way that reflects these values, myself included. I encourage mutual accountability within our community to uphold these values.  I believe that through upholding these values, we can make this lab a space where impactful, meaningful, and challenging research is done. 

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